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Our Producers

Homestead Natural is an agricultural co-operative of family-owned and managed cattle, pig, and poultry farms united in the belief that good food begins with sustainable use of the soil, animals that thrive on pasture rather than feed lots, and a relationship with our customers that values good health over financial gain.

Homestead Natural delivers superior tasting beef, pork, and chicken directly to restaurants and consumers. We control the quality of our products by letting our livestock give back to the soil what they take from it, using older genetic stocks that fatten on natural food sources free of hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides, and by careful management of their processing from pitchfork to plate. The result is food that not only tastes better, but is better for you.

Wilsey Ranch
Wilsey Ranch has been family owned and operated for 30 years. Our cattle and pigs are ran on intensively managed range in the Owyhee mountains their entire lives, feeding on a unique mix of grass and forbs. We supplement the cattle with ranch-raised hay in the winter months, and they are finished on irrigated meadows in the summer. The pigs are supplemented with all natural feed. They are not given hormones, antibiotics, animal byproducts, or genetically modified feeds; they are as natural as an animal can get. We handle our animals humanely and with respect. We provide them with a stress free life.

Our mission is to produce a healthy, nutritious, sustainable product, with a minimal impact on the environment. To care for the land for future generations.

Mesquite Cattle Company
Hello, we are Bill and Carol Gale owners of Mesquite Cattle Company. We live in Middleton, Idaho on a small grazing dairy; we also have a hay and beef cow operation in Ontario, Oregon. We have 5 children and 6 grand children.

Bill has been in the dairy business since he was 10. He helped his father milk and finally bought our place here in Middleton in 1980. we decided in 1992 to go to a grazing dairy for the health of the cows. We planted our 72 acres to pasture and over the years have improved the quality of the grass by trying different varitites finally settling on a four-way mix of Bome, Tall Fesque, Prennial Rye and Alice White Clover.

Mesquite Cattle Company In 2004 with the passing of Carol's father we took over the family farm in Ontario, Oregon. Thinking to diversify and with the help of a son, who had been working in Nevada for several years, we decided to grow alfalfa and raise beef cattle. We established the Mesquite Cattle Co. LLC in 2006.

In the winter of 2006 we bought an additional 100 acres close to the family farm which we have planted to alfalfa and grass with some wheat. This is where we have our mother cows and baby calves. We are able to track our cattle from birth to your table.

After attending a grass fed beef conference in 2007 we learned how to identify animals for functionality and tenderness. We are using these methods to pick the steers to fatten on grass. We are now artificially breeding our heifers to Devon and Murrey Grey bulls imported from Australia. The Devon and Murrey Grey breeds of cattle are known to perform well on grass. These older genetics or grass genetics out perform modern feed lot style cattle on grass and will fatten in less time.

Our beef is fed home grown or locally grown feed that not been genetically modified. They are not given growth hormones or antibiotics. They are processed at an USDA inspected facility.

The health benefits of eating grass fed beef are numerous but it is the taste and tenderness that will bring you back.

Bar H Cattle Company
Bar H Cattle Co. consists of Keith and Sharon Huettig and grandsons Jesse and Jake Nelson. Keith is a lifelong farmer with many years growing potatoes and sugar beets. Grass and hay are the crops of choice now with a herd of Lowline Angus, Red Angus and Black Angus to do the heavy work of harvesting the crops. The goal is to produce feed that will result in delicious, tender, health-giving gourmet beef while improving the environment on the farm. Sharon is an RN and insists that we practice preventative medicine as a norm for a healthy herd. Jesse and Jake are sports nuts and are learning to rope to participate in high school rodeo. We love living on the edge of the desert in Southern Idaho and observing the wildlife and vegetation. Irrigation on the ranch is the magic (our area is called the Magic Valley ) that transforms our rich volcanic soils into extremely productive crop lands. Our cows are not allowed to have junk food - no grain, no hormones(steroids), no antibiotics. Just the grasses and forages that God designed them for! Our lifestyles allow us to serve in many ways in our community.